We Are Making A Difference

 Today we saw 216 patients at the FOTCOH clinic.   I am amazed by how the patients present versus five years ago (the last time I was here).   They have less life threatening infections, controlled diabetes and hypertension and repeated well child checks. What I am trying to say is that one can visually see the increased health status […]

Another Baby Thrives

Malnutrition is a prominent problem in Haiti.  As a member of the FOTCOH medical mission team, I am privileged to enroll undernourished children in the Medika Mamba (nutrient-dense peanut butter medicine) program and graduate children who have successfully completed the program. One of the patients I have enrolled this mission is a 7.5 month old male weighing 12 […]

A Different Definition of “Rich”

Webster Dictionary defines rich as “having a lot of money and possessions.” I personally find the meaning of rich during my last 2 weeks in Haiti to be quite different from not only Webster’s definition, but any other definition I’ve heard throughout my life. This is my 2nd trip with FOTCOH to Haiti as an RN. […]