My Cup Runneth Over

Bonjou and hello from #1 Rue de FOTCOH! Thank you all for your prayers for safe travels. We made it safely to clinic. I wanted to share a little story with you all. Last November I went out to pick patients in crowd and saw a little boy whose belly was very distended (bloated) and he was limp as a rag doll.

I am pretty sure he was on death’s door.

We brought him straight in to see a doctor and they were all stumped on what to do. We waited for Dr. Nelson (our Haitiian physician) and ended up gathering supplies and sending the boy (Janel) with his siblings, a sister and brother who are raising him because their parents are deceased. Janel was taken to the hospital and a little while later his sister came back with a list of things that needed to be done including a surgery. I worked frantically collecting money to cover the costs. A few days later I was allowed to go to the hospital in Jacmel and see Janel and he was looking much better and gave me a great smile.

Since November I have kept this young man in my thoughts and prayers not knowing whether he was still alive or not. Well today the first day of clinic Janel and his sister walked into clinic and the tears started flowing. Happy tears of course! I was so glad to see him. He currently has a colostomy bag and is doing well. He will have to have another surgery though so I will be rounding up funds again. I now love this child as if he were one of my own. He brought me a bag of mangoes and a bracelet as a thank you and smiled again and told me he loved me in English.

My cup runneth over. I am so blessed that God put Janel in our lives at the right time and that we were able to help him and that I was able to hug him today.  Day one is in the books and we are winding down listening to the rain and waiting for dinner. I hope you all are well at home! Keep the prayers coming!

Krissy Miars