Friends of the Children of Haiti

For over 30 years, Friends of the Children of Haiti, or better known as FOTCOH, has provided medical care and educational support to patients at our clinic in Cyvadier, Haiti.

Our Impact

FOTCOH provides medical care to over 15,000 patients in Haiti every year. American medical volunteers work alongside Haitian medical and non-medical staff members to triage injuries, treat illness, offer prenatal care, perform major surgery, and offer nutritional support.

FOTCOH also teaches handwashing techniques, provide access to clean water, build latrines, and promote proper sanitation practices through our WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) Program.

How to Help

Please consider making a donation to FOTCOH today. Funds go towards purchasing medications, surgical supplies, and also support our Medika Mamba program for malnourished children.

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Checks can be sent to our office at:

Friends of the Children of Haiti
P.O. BOX 789
Peoria, Illinois 61652

Call or email for more information:


Get Involved

Have you ever considered volunteering in Haiti?

Volunteer teams from the U.S. travel to Haiti to provide medical care and education for the most impoverished people in Haiti, who otherwise would have no access to these services.

Find out more about how to become a volunteer today!