This Thanksgiving Season We Can Save Lives in Haiti

 Dear Friends,  Thanksgiving always makes us think about what we are grateful for. This year, I can’t help but think about how grateful I am for you. FOTCOH has had an amazing year. Here are some highlights of our success: • Medical Clinics: Approximately 2,500 children, women, and men are seen by FOTCOH medical staff […]

Volunteering in Haiti: The Chance of a Life-time

Why is volunteering in Haiti something that anyone who gets the chance to do should do in their lives? Because volunteering is a life-changing experience that offers a new and exciting opportunity for you to help people. And many people find that the more we give, the happier we feel. You are doing good for others […]

We can’t plan for all disasters, but together we can help

Dear Friends, This year, we have seen an unprecedented number of natural disasters around the world. From Hurricane Harvey hitting Houston, to Hurricane Irma devastating the Caribbean, and the earthquakes in Mexico, it seemed that every time I turned on the radio, I was hearing about people suffering in the wake of incredible devastation. It […]