Double Your Impact in Haiti

Dear Friends,

Every time our volunteers return home from Haiti, they have interesting stories about their experiences working at the FOTCOH clinic. The stories amaze me! Not only because they show the incredible dedication of our volunteers and our Haitian staff, but also because they remind me of how everyone who supports FOTCOH plays a crucial role in ensuring that the Haitian people receive the life-saving care they so desperately need.

One such story that stood out to me recently came from Sarah, a volunteer nurse, who participated on our January 2018 medical team.  Sarah wrote:

“The FOTCOH clinic not only cares for patients acutely, but it also serves patients throughout their struggles with hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and other ongoing medical problems. The volunteers working at the clinic in Haiti also perform well-child checks for newborns through toddlers. Sometimes the children have been abandoned by their mothers and are being taken care of by strangers. During the clinic today, a baby was brought in whose mother had abandoned him. He had not eaten for at least a day and his cry was heart-wrenching. The medical team was able to provide formula for the baby with life-sustaining nutrition. He would have died without our resources.”

What Sarah said is true. Without the FOTCOH clinic, this baby and many other patients would not survive.  The FOTCOH clinic not only helps Haitian patients who have issues with chronic illnesses, but also helps those that are on the brink of death – like babies who are malnourished or starving.

Right now, we have a special opportunity.  A few generous donors have offered to match your donations up to $15,000 so we can continue providing life-saving care to the people of Haiti. With a donation today, your impact in Haiti will be doubled. This means twice as many Haitian children and adults will be provided with the health care and hope that is saving their lives.

Please consider making a donation today!

From the Heart,

Nathan Ruby

Executive Director

Friends of the Children of Haiti