Another Baby Thrives

Malnutrition is a prominent problem in Haiti.  As a member of the FOTCOH medical mission team, I am privileged to enroll undernourished children in the Medika Mamba (nutrient-dense peanut butter medicine) program and graduate children who have successfully completed the program.

One of the patients I have enrolled this mission is a 7.5 month old male weighing 12 lbs 10 oz.  He can roll over; however, he does not sit in a tripod position or with support, nor does he coo or babble, as expected for his age.  By enrolling in this program, he should not only increase in size, but also progress in his development.

I hope to see him thrive on a future trip like the 20 month old female who graduated from the program this trip.  She was enrolled on November 10, 2015 weighing 12 lbs 6 ounces, 70 cm long.  After 9 weeks on the Medika Mamba program, her weight increased to 18 lbs 3 oz, length 71.5 cm.  Her development continues to advance as expected.

Thank you to everyone who generously gives of themselves through time, volunteering, prayer, and financial and material donations.  This program could not be successful without each and every one of you.

Dr. Chris Pica