Keep the Prayers Coming

Bonjou mes amis…hello my friends,

The first week of clinic is starting off well. We have a wonderful team and Jenna and I are settling in as new leaders.

Today we had a couple difficult cases. We had a 3 year old boy who fell into a fire 4 days ago and his grandpa brought him to is. This little guy was not crying at first, however when we started to touch his wounds he did start crying. We all worked together to come up with a plan to give him the best care we could. Pharmacy worked on making a safe dose of pain medicine, Jenna mixed lidocaine with normal saline to apply to his burns to help numb the pain. Chantay was his nurse and Dr KC Cooper was his provider. Andrei, our 3rd year med student, stood by to assist in anyway he could. Dr. Cooper worked for 2 hours removing dead skin that had started to become infected and our little boy was given fluids to make sure he was hydrated. He was finally wrapped up with dressings and was even talking to his grandpa. We gave him a toy truck and he held on to it for the whole procedure. After that we provided him and his grandpa, who was so worried about his grandson, peanut butter on bread, a banana and some lemonade! It was great to see this little guy interacting and he will be coming back for dressing changes! The team just worked wonderfully together and I learned a lot from Dr Cooper if I ever have to instruct a provider on the best way to treat a burn!

We had sick and malnourished babies come through today and were started on Medika Mamba, our nutritional supplement program. Sometimes we are in awe of how these babies have survived this long! We pray that what we do will make a difference in their lives.

We were also grateful to see some very healthy, clean, chubby babies who smiledand laughed with us. Seeing these happy babies reminds us we are doing good.

I am so grateful to be able to participate in such a wonderful clinic founded by very special people who saw a news and acted! Thank you Dick and Barb for what you have accomplished!

Well it is bedtime for this leader, but before I say goodbye I would like to give a shout out to all the men and women who have served and are serving our country! Thank you for you and your families sacrifices to protect me and my family! God Bless America, Happy Veterans Day and Bon Nuit…Good Night!

With love,
Krissy Miars:)
PS~ Keep the prayers coming! Thank you!