A Different Definition of “Rich”

Webster Dictionary defines rich as “having a lot of money and possessions.”

I personally find the meaning of rich during my last 2 weeks in Haiti to be quite different from not only Webster’s definition, but any other definition I’ve heard throughout my life.

This is my 2nd trip with FOTCOH to Haiti as an RN. Each day here I see an endless amount of riches in this country. I see riches through the act of patience. I see an endless amount of riches through human determination and through the strength and will of the individuals we serve.

However, what I see in these patient’s faces is something I have NEVER EVER seen elsewhere. It amazes me each day, each night, and with each patient. It isn’t forced or fake. It is absolutely priceless and in my opinion the richest part of this country:  THEIR SMILE.

I can’t possibly thank all of my team members and leaders who put so much work into this mission day in and day out. Most of all I thank God for his mighty power and strength to allow us to not only provide but receive the love of all the patients we see.

I’ve included just a few of many photos of the richness all around us.

Camilla Pietreniak