The Impact of Their Gifts

Today we hear from Annie, one of our October 2018 Education Clinic volunteers. Annie wrote:

“I have had tears in my eyes so many times today, and never out of sadness. This is my second trip to Haiti with FOTCOH, but my first Education Clinic (but it is actually everyone’s first Education Clinic!). We are the maiden voyage for this type of clinic, which I keep saving is “preventive medicine.” As a nurse, I am very focused on the prevention of illness, as well as treating illness. During these clinics, we will provide children and families with water filtration systems, sanitation education, and hand washing education. It seems so simple and so basic to us, but it is life-saving information for Haitians.

Making a World of Difference

Today, this team of fourteen Americans and several Haitians spent part of the day assembling the tools needed to provide these things. After we had unloaded all of the donated supplies of soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and toys, my eyes began to tear up looking at everything, completely overcome with the generosity of our supporters. I don’t think people realize the impact of their gifts. We worked hard and fast, an efficient team of new friends, and made over 750 hygiene kits and 140 water filtration systems! We take for granted clean, safe water and basic things like soap. It makes a world of difference to the Haitians that will receive these over the next few days.

With Tears In My Eyes Again

This evening, this group of new friends spent time together relaxing, talking, laughing, and getting to know each other. After dinner, as a group, we were all discussing our first few days, first impressions, and highs and lows. It was amazing the emotions that were brought out in all of us – never out of sadness, but out of appreciation for our lives, the excitement of our adventure, and the possibility of making a difference to even a few people. While listening to stories from Dick Hammond, the founder of FOTCOH, he shared his true passion for the mission and appreciation for everyone who makes it possible to carry out with God called him to do. With tears in my eyes again as I write this, I totally understand, because God put all of us here to do the same.”

Thank you, Annie, for sharing your amazing story from the clinic!

How can I find out more out the FOTCOH Education Clinics?

You can find out how to get involved in the FOTCOH Education Clinics, visit our volunteer page on our website.