The History of FOTCOH

Dick and Barb Hammond started traveling to Haiti in the 1970s on a medical mission trip to provide care to the Haitian people. In 2000, the FOTCOH clinic was completed in Cyvadier, Haiti. Volunteer medical teams travel to the clinic to treat patients, and in between, mini-clinics are run by Haitian doctors so patients can continue to receive the care and medications they need. The clinic sees over 15,000 Haitian patients a year.

Dick and Barb chose to work in a country where it sometimes seems as though change will never come and has been so daunting that, at times, they have wanted to leave for good. They witnessed many tragic circumstances that caused heartbreak day in and day out. However, they still returned reassuring the Haitian people that they were reliable because there is little to rely on in Haiti. Dick and Barb have never given up hope in their work because everything they have done has been about giving hope to the Haitian people.

Dick and Barb Hammond with FOTCOH Medical Director Dr. Nelson and Clinic Manager Andre Boyer

The House of Life

Shelley Briggs Callahan’s The House of Life tells the remarkable story of how Dick and Barb Hammond, founders of the non-profit organization Friends of the Children of Haiti, have changed the lives of thousands of people Haiti.

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