Plumpy Nut to the Rescue

Today we hear from Dr. Steve Trainor, who is currently with the September Medical Team in Haiti.

“Similien is a nine-month-old girl who was brought into the clinic today by her grandmother. The mother died a week after giving birth to the baby, and the grandmother has struggled to provide food for her. I offered her a bottle of formula but Similien didn’t know how to drink from a bottle; her grandmother had been feeding her from a cup with whatever food she could find, which was most often pea soup.

Since Similien only weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz., I wanted to get her onto our Medika Mamba Program as soon as possible. Medika Mamba, also known as Plumpy Nut, is a peanut butter medication that provides malnourished infants and toddlers with the vitamins and calories they need to gain weight quickly. Similien will continue to take the Plumpy Nut ever two weeks and be reevaluated at the clinic by our Haitian staff after we are gone. The Plumpy Nut will continue to provide her with her nutritional need and allow her to grow and survive in the challenging environment that is growing up in Haiti.”

Thank you Steve, and thank you to all our donors who contribute to FOTCOH to ensure that we can purchase Plumpy Nut for children in Haiti!


How can you get involved in helping children and adults in Haiti?

You can help us provide life-saving support to the Haitian population in and around our medical clinic in a few different ways.

One way is by becoming a volunteer. Volunteer teams from the U.S. travel to Haiti to provide support for the most impoverished people in Haiti, who otherwise would have no access to medical care or wellness education of any kind. Team volunteers work side-by-side with experienced FOTCOH personnel, treating people who otherwise will go without any medical attention. All volunteers return home with a sense of experience and satisfaction unmatched in other endeavors.

Another way is by donating to FOTCOH. Funds go to purchasing medications, surgical supplies, and supporting our Medika Mamba program for malnourished Haitian children.

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