Sponsor a Clinic

What is Sponsor a Clinic?

In an effort to connect our supporters more closely to our Medical Clinics, we are offering a new way for you to make an impact on the lives of our Haitians patient.

For a one-time gift of $360 or a monthly recurring gift of $30, you will help offset the expenses of operating our Medical Clinics. Your gift would:

  • Provide much medicine to our vulnerable patient population
  • Provide nutritional support for malnourished children
  • Support dental care for dozens of Haitians

For your gift, you will receive a special:

  • Special recognition identifying you as a sponsor on our website and social media
  • Photos from the clinic you have sponsored
  • Patient statistics from the clinic you have sponsored

Sponsoring a clinic is also a great way to honor someone special, remember a loved one, or give someone one a meaningful birthday gift.

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Thank you for your consideration in this effort. We are grateful for your support!

January Medical Clinic Sponsors:
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 Thanks to all our sponsors for everything they do to support the work of FOTCOH!