Sponsor a Clinic

In an effort to connect our supporters more closely to our Medical Clinics, we are offering a new way for you to make an impact on the lives of our Haitians patient.

For a one-time gift of $360 or a monthly recurring gift of $30, you will help offset the expenses of operating our Medical Clinics. Your gift would:

  • Provide much medicine to our vulnerable patient population
  • Provide nutritional support for malnourished children
  • Support dental care for dozens of Haitians

For your gift, you will receive a special:

  • Special recognition identifying you as a sponsor on our website and social media
  • Photos from the clinic you have sponsored
  • Patient statistics from the clinic you have sponsored


Sponsoring a clinic is also a great way to honor someone special, remember a loved one, or give someone one a meaningful birthday gift.

Our 2019 Sponsor a Clinic options include:

January Medical Clinic

March Medical Clinic

May Medical Clinic

July Medical Clinic

September Medical Clinic

November Medical Clinic

Thank you for your consideration in this effort. We are grateful for your support!

To make a donation, visit our donation page. Please specify which clinic you would like to make a donation to i.e.  Sponsor a Clinic РMay Medical Clinic 2019 in the notes section.




What other ways can I get involved in helping children and adults in Haiti?

You can help us provide life-saving support to the Haitian population in and around our medical clinic in a few different ways.

One way is by becoming a volunteer. Volunteer teams from the U.S. travel to Haiti to provide support for the most impoverished people in Haiti, who otherwise would have no access to medical care or wellness education of any kind. Team volunteers work side-by-side with experienced FOTCOH personnel, treating people who otherwise will go without any medical attention. All volunteers return home with a sense of experience and satisfaction unmatched in other endeavors.