People Waited All Night Outside the Clinic Gates

We’re into our second week of clinic now and things are proceeding smoothly; by now we all know our roles and what needs to be done every day.

 This is my first time here with FOTCOH and the first week was a lot to take in: a few really heartbreaking cases of seriously underweight babies, but also many happy well children, delighted with the match box cars handed out by one of our doctors, and adults grateful  for the care we are able to provide.

It was difficult going to bed each night knowing that people were waiting all night outside of the clinic gates to be treated (the patience of the Haitian people is amazing).

So the weekend brought a much-needed break for us. We had the opportunity to relax a bit and recover from the emotional overload: some dancing, sightseeing in Jacmel, shopping and time at a local beach.

One of the really great things about the trip has been how close many of us have gotten to each other, although we have only been together for a week. There is a real unity of spirit here, with everyone doing their part to help our Haitian friends.

Christine Floss