Her Need Matched My Knowledge and Experience

This Woman has lymphedema of her leg due to worms blocking her lymphatic system.  Her swollen leg has not been wrapped in 2 years.  It has deep crevices.  I washed and dried her leg and foot.  In the United States, I would have:

  • used Curel or Eucerin lotion to rehydrate the skin on her leg
  • used 1/2 inch gauze folded to wrap her toes
  • covered her leg with a stockinet
  • used artiflex (a 2-way stretch bandage) to wrap her leg from foot to groin to reduce the swelling

In Haiti, you work with what you have, so I covered the deep crack in her leg with Proform and wrapped her lower leg with the “stretch” wrap available.

She was so grateful.  I instructed her on how to hand wash the stretchy wrap and rewrap it until the next clinic.  Hopefully she will come back in May to have it wrapped again with new, fresh bandages.  I also advised her to use coconut oil to keep her intact skin moist.

The Haitian people are so grateful for anything we can do for them.  Working at the FOTCOH Clinic has been a wonderful experience.

Kathi Thornberg LPTA, March 2015 Team