Clinic is Nearly Over

How can our clinic be nearly over?  I have grown to love this clinic with the colorful and cheerful patients and staff.  I was thinking about how comfortable I feel here this morning.  This is my 11th trip.

Some highlights of the week were seeing our translator friends and our team member friends again.  It was a great reunion.  Enjoying the wonderful scenery here at FOTCOH which is what I am doing as I write.

It has been a pleasure to see Dr. David again who has been waiting for a year to do his public service in Haiti.  He has loved spending time with our providers.  He will make an excellent doctor once he completes all his requirements.

Visiting Yougain’s church Sunday where we worshipped with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  He came for us in the “cleanest” tap tap (Haitian taxi) I have ever seen.

A smiling Haitian woman calling to me today, “Bon Jour Carol” over and over.  The smiling face of a 77 year old man who told me yesterday that he had been married for 54 years when he brought his sick, blind wife to clinic today.  The look of joy on the faces of 4 starving children and their mother today when I gave them crackers and peanut butter.  They were so excited as they chewed through the cellophane to eat the crackers.

One of my greatest joys has been seeing all the women breastfeeding their babies.  It has taken years of education, but finally they are feeding their babies with their own milk.  I saw 24 babies yesterday.

I could go on and on, but it has been pure pleasure to be here in Haiti again.

Carol Miller, APN