Mamma With High Blood Pressure

Marie is a 34 year old woman pregnant with her second child. She has a 3 year old child at home. She first came to FOTCOH in May for her pregnancy and is now 7 months pregnant.

 When she came back for her visit at this July clinic on Wednesday her blood pressure was 260/185. We gave her a dose of clonidine and had her lay on her left side for one hour and her blood pressure improved slightly to 200/140. We started her on Aldomet to control her blood pressure and brought her back on Friday.

At her second visit of this clinic her blood pressure was 257/160. We gave her another dose of clonidine and doubled her dose of Aldomet. She came back again today on Monday and her blood pressure was still elevated at 220/134, but she was feeling much better.

After some rest and oral fluids her blood pressure improved to 190/124. We spent some time talking about when she needs to seek treatment at the hospital and maintain bed rest until delivery.

Prayers for a safe and healthy delivery soon for this mom.