Beautiful Creations Straight From The Angel’s Arms

Working the FOTCOH clinic (and it is truly work) is a little like going back to working an emergency center. You never know just what is going to come in next.

Our first day was a bit traumatic for not only our group but for some of the patients being seen. So much was going on from early morning through the end of day. THAT made for a perfect night sleep!

Yesterday seemed to bring in a lot of little ones. Some only a few days old. It is still strange
to me to ask if baby was born at home knowing the strong probability of a “Yes”answer. As one might expect, this environment adds to a higher mortality rate not only for the babies but the mothers as well. So when these babies are brought in…. It feels as though you are being handed these beautiful creations straight from the Angels arms.

Time to go see what this day has ready for us once again. God Bless!

Jen Barnett, APN