Vitamins and Praise Go a Long Way with Haitian Mom

Twins!! I first met these twins (Grivensley and Grivenslene) working triage on my second trip to FOTCOH in May 2014 when they were only 15 days old and tiny…now they are 14 months old and doing great!! They both are happy and healthy and babbling. Mom is still breastfeeding both babies and we provide her […]

Quick Update from First-Time Team Leader

Made it to clinic in good time for the drive from Port-Au-Prince. All bags and supplies made it to Haiti. Pharmacy is all stocked. Medical staff orientation complete. Our team has 4 veteran volunteers and 10 first time volunteers. It is exciting to experience Haiti through the eyes of so many new people and makes […]

No Longer Described as Malnourished, Thanks to FOTCOH

FOTCOH first met little baby Makenlove on Friday, May 15th when he was seen during the first week of the May 2015 clinic. He was 14 months old and weighed only 8 pounds and 11 ounces . . . smaller than some newborns. He had no cry and was a skeleton. He was starving. He could not hold up […]

Every Day Brings New People and Situations to the Clinic

As I type this, many Americans are settling in to watch the NBC Red Nose Day Comedy Special. Great Britain has been observing Red Nose Day for several years, but this is the first one for the US. The purpose of Red Nose Day is to draw attention to children in poverty around the world, […]

Ever Present Graciousness and Dignity

The Haitian cities appear chaotic to an American. Traffic flies in all directions, pedestrians and stray dogs wander into the streets, only imminent collision will cause another driver to yield. The Haitian mountain roads offer blind curves, steep drop offs, unmarked lanes and motorbikes commanded by fearless young men. The Haitian people are commonly impoverished, […]