1400 Surgeries and Counting

The FOTCOH Surgery Program is a huge part of our work in Haiti. Since its inception, Garron Lukas, FOTCOH’s sole volunteer surgeon, has performed an estimated 1400 surgeries during the regularly scheduled FOTCOH clinics at the nearby Dr. Martinez Hospital in Jacmel. Four times a year, Dr. Lukas travels to Haiti to provide life-saving and life-altering surgery on Haitian patients that otherwise would not be able to afford surgery or do not have the option of a sanitary, safe environment in which to have a procedure done.

During the January medical trip, Dr. Lukas met with a 2-year-old boy that was in need of a hernia repair. Thanks to our amazing donors who support our Surgical Program, the boy was able to come to the Dr. Martinez Hospital for the surgery, where all surgery fees are paid, the room rental is taken care of, the anesthesiologist salary is paid, and the cost of the supplies for the surgery is covered. With the assistance of a wonderful Haitian staff at the hospital, including Dr. Nelson, who has been assisting  Dr. Lukas in the operating room and during post-operative care for many years now, this small patient was able to get the care he needed in a place where there are few options for so many people in need.

After the anesthesiologist gave the little boy a shot of ketamine to sedate him, he started to get a little scared, and Dr. Lukas gave him a hug to show him that everything would be fine and he didn’t have anything to worry about. Just like with the other 1400 surgeries that Dr. Lukas has performed in Haiti successfully, with no major complications, this one will be another amazing success story. In the future, FOTCOH looks forward to continuing with our surgery program so that other patients – young and old alike – can get the same great care from Dr. Lukas and the Haitian Surgical Team that they have been getting.