Helping an abandoned baby

The FOTCOH clinic not only cares for patients acutely, but it also serves the patients throughout their struggles with hypertension, diabetes, asthma, among other things. The medical volunteers working at the clinic in Haiti also do well-child checks for newborns through toddlers – sometimes, these children have been abandoned by their mothers and are being taken care of by strangers. Today, we heard from volunteer Sarah DeGroot Kelley about a baby that was brought to the clinic who helped a small child who came to the clinic.

An amazing place

Sarah says: “A baby was brought into the clinic whose mother had abandoned him. He had not eaten in at least a day. His cry was heart-wrenching. The medical team was able to acquire formula for that baby with life-sustaining nutrition. That baby would have died without the FOTCOH organization. The FOTCOH clinic is an amazing place.”

What Sarah says is right. Without the FOTCOH clinic, this baby, and many other patients would not survive. The FOTCOH clinic not only helps Haitian patients who have issues with chronic illnesses but helps those that are on the brink of death – like babies who are undernourished or starving.

FOTCOH volunteers save lives

We are so thankful that the clinic has such wonderful, dedicated volunteers who are willing to work in Haiti, taking time away from their homes and families, and spending their own money to travel to Haiti, so they can do life-saving work. We are also incredibly grateful for our donors and supports make the work that FOTCOH does throughout the year possible – without you, we could not help save lives, like the special baby that Sarah met, time and time again.


How can I make a donation to support FOTCOH’s work in Haiti?

You can support FOTCOH’s work in a few different ways. Make a donation through our website, call our office at 815-310-5872 to make a donation, email us at, or send a check to our office at: FOTCOH, P.O. BOX 789, Peoria, Illinois 61652.