A small crutch brings a big smile

One of our January 2018 Medical Team volunteers, Julie DuBois, share with us a sweet story about a child that came to the clinic to receive care. Julie writes:

“This young man brought us so much joy today. He has a congenital anomaly with a shortened right leg with a twisted foot. He walked to the clinic using a makeshift crutch that was hurting under his arms. We found a child size crutch for him and when he saw it, he started laughing and clapping. He was happier that I have seen anyone in a long time, all because of a crutch. This joy will carry me through today.”

At the FOTCOH clinic, it is sometimes the small things that make all the difference in the world for our patients. When they are suffering or uncomfortable, or scared of the unknown when it comes to their health, sometimes, even when we can’t make their situation the most ideal, we can help put a smile on their faces or give them some peace of mind.