They Are Relentless in Their Bravery

We are in the home stretch and on the second day of the second week, sitting at breakfast waiting for clinic to begin, I am excited to go downstairs to visit with all of the people that will come to receive our help today.  They are remarkable people:  those we are treating, and those translators and workers who come each day to help us . . . full of patience, so caring, and grateful for our clinic.

I have seen adults and children over the past several days with the most infectious smiles when we sit down with them. Even though they are suffering from illnesses we can’t even imagine, they are relentless in their bravery.

My favorite days of clinic so far were definitely yesterday, late in the afternoon, and today.  I called yesterday “cutest baby day.”   I have the best job!  I not only get to hold the cutest babies in Jacmel and make sure they get medical treatment, but I also get to play games with children for hours!   I absolutely adore when the children go crazy over bubbles! The simplest things. . .

Their smiles make this whole trip worthwhile.   Laughter really is a universal language.