The Road to FOTCOH

The road to the clinic is long, seemingly endless. Countless turns and twists. However the process of adjusting is much, much longer. It is so different in Haiti, as compared to the US where you’re never more than a few steps from a new idea or experience.Water and garbage run freely through the streets, and disease rules, unchallenged.  I  noticed things move much faster here in Haiti. But then I took a closer look. And i noticed a very small trickling stream. Small, but prominent. Trickling through the hearts of the Haitians.Hope. A  hope that change might come soon. Or pains will soon be lifted, but always Hope.The first day of Clinic ran smoothly.  As I searched for dossier after dossier (patient charts), a thought crossed my mind… What have these people been through? How have they made it this far? Well, As I watched the team members play with the children, and treat patients, i noticed something… A trickle…Hope. Our team had hope for every single patient, A hope that they will one day have good health. A hope for things to be better for these people.  And a hope that what they do not only brings health… But brings Hope.Ben Kersey