A Ripple Effect for So Many

 Sometimes in life there are those moments that change the course of your own intended destination.   It’s the moment when gears shift and there is a dawning deep within you that there is more that you could be about.As this is my second experience with FOTCOH I realize that this team serving those of Haiti is a direct result of Dick and Barb Hammond’s life shift.  That moment caused such a ripple effect for so manyI’m positive when they first started their journey with Haiti, they had no way of knowing what an impact their decision would make not only for Haiti but for all that choose to serve with FOTCOH.It amazes me how that decision has evolved into such a source of help and hope in the community. Being part of a FOTCOH team and carrying out that vision, making medical care available on a consistent basis for those that otherwise would do without is humbling to say the least.From that one moment, I, as others here serving, are experiencing years of refining and improving what this Clinic has become.  All the work, planning, recruiting and executing of a planned clinic are direct results……of that moment.It is a true honor and privilege to be part of that legacy. You can’t help but catch that vision and purpose when you care for these individuals who are so grateful to have FOTCOH here. I now understand  why so many team members return again and again.~ Kathy Dishmond