Hearing from our Volunteers

Our volunteers are incredibly important to our mission — and we know the FOTCOH is equally important to them. Today we hear from some of our volunteers about why they feel FOTCOH is such as special organization:

“As the Pharmacy Director, I see first hand the impact FOTCOH has on a patient’s health. The medications the FOTCOH clinic can give their patients who have no other access to healthcare services improves both their short and long term health outcomes.

Whether the medication is for infections, diabetes, hypertension, heart failure asthma, or another ailment, FOTCOH positively impacts the health of patients, families, and the community by providing quality primary clinical care and essential medicines for patients.”

-Erin Briggs

“I am very grateful for the opportunities FOTCOH continues to provide to help me and others do our part. The people I have met through FOTCOH continue to inspire, inform, enrich my life immensely especially the Haitians who I now consider extended family members. Thank you, FOTCOH!”

-Linda Dramery

“FOTCOH is something that gets into your soul. As a nurse, it gives me such an appreciation for the technology and medicine we have in the U.S. It is the most basic medicine in Haiti, yet the people are so thankful for everything FOTCOH does for them. They wouldn’t have healthcare otherwise. Now FOTCOH helps provide clean, sanitary drinking water to thousands of people. The simplest things that Americans take for granted are life-changing in Haiti. It’s so humbling to work with this organization.”

-Annie Schmitt

“FOTCOH’s message is plain and simple. Take care of the Haitian people and teach about sustainable health care solutions. As a volunteer, we get to do just that. FOTCOH makes sure the Haitian people are taken care of medically and also taken care of in a practical way by teaching them.

The WASH program, in my opinion, is one of the most important lessons we can teach. By taking care of personal hygiene, infection, and disease will be controlled. As a result, they will be able to lead fuller lives.”

-Kathy Goldrick

“What I love about FOTCOH is I feel like it really makes a difference in the lives of the Haitian people. FOTCOH takes care of the medical needs of children and adults of all ages and without FOTCOH, most of these Haitians would not get any health care at all. FOTCOH manages urgent care issues like upper respiratory infections and skin infections, but also manages long term care. Diabetes and hypertension are very common in Haitian adults and FOTCOH offers treatment and education about their diseases. I am proud to be a volunteer and Board Member of FOTCOH.”

-Julie DuBois

“Friends of the children of Haiti is so committed to the Haitian people, and it gives me great joy to be a part of this amazing organization!”

-Amy Brady

“Because Haiti is the most impoverished country in our hemisphere, I have been so moved by the great need for the most basic healthcare services. I feel volunteering for Friends of the Children of Haiti is a way to have an impact and give back to the poorest of the poor on earth.”

-Sue Wozniak

“I think FOTCOH is a great organization because we have such a strong volunteer base.  Often, I hear first-time volunteers say they just came to use
up some vacation time, but they wanted to help others.  By the time they leave, they are already planning when they can come back.  Usually, they can’t believe how many patients we are able to see/treat, stating how organized and efficient the medical teams are.  They also mention how everyone is treated as an equal no matter their role on the team, and there is sufficient time at the end of the day to get to know each other.  We really do become family.”
– Ken Kersey