A Visit from Marie

Happy Mother’s Day to you all! We have a story from clinic manager Andre Boyer:

Marie and her child are back to the clinic today [Saturday, May 9th] during the urgent care clinic as Doctor Frantz Registre asked her to for a well-baby check.

Marie uses to be an interpreter at FOTCOH clinic in the past, she used to interpret for Dr. Stephen Doran and Julie Dubois. Both Julie and Steve saw her talent and asked her to go back to school to be a nurse, and how Marie is a nurse.

Dr. Stephen Doran was a dentist who used to come to Haiti at least twice to work with the Haitian community in needs. Dr. Doran lost his life a year in a half ago on duty while he was in Haiti to help the Haitian population.”

Thank you for sharing, Boyer – and thank you to Dr. Doran and Julie Dubois for their encouragement. We are so grateful to hear that Marie is doing well with her baby!