Forming Lifelong Bonds

Out to crowd, make selections, see and treat. This is the cycle of the clinic day. Most of us start the morning going to the 3rd floor balcony watching the sun rise over this beautiful creation from God. The sun always looks like it is right behind the mountains until you look behind you and see where all the light is reaching and you realize that the sun is lighting more than just where you stand and it is then I realize the grandiosity of this world we live in. I am so thankful to Dick and Barb for creating this mission! After the sunrise I go out to crowd to look into the eyes of those we have the pleasure of serving and remember they are His children just like you and I and that this small amount of time I get to lay a hand on or receive a hug from one who has been chosen to be seen that we may share eternity together. After we have seen the last of the patients we all gather together for the evening and enjoy the company of people we have only just met and know that we have in this small amount of time formed lifelong bonds. As I drift off to sleep and I am so thankful to our Creator my Heavenly Father for this opportunity to serve His people!

Krissy Miars~Team Leader #2