Evidence of Our Love

“You can give without loving, but can not love without giving.”–Robert Lewis Stevenson

What does that mean? John 3:16 states, “For God so LOVED the world that he GAVE his only son.” Those that decide to come to Haiti to work at clinic usually all are moved by some passion or desire to genuinely help people. But what do we give that shows our love? And I’m not talking about the romantic love, but the love that we give through our actions and words. We give our time, energy, skills, and resources. Beyond the medical care we provide, we also give hope, respect, comfort, and TOUCH. I remember back to my first trip in November 2013 where my team leader said if nothing else, take the time to touch every patient & now I say that to all the teams I lead. There are many in Haiti who need and deserve our love. Love itself can not be seen, but what we give shows evidence of our love.

Tim Kellstadt was a long time volunteer of FOTCOH. He was an EMT and Paramedic. His last trip to Haiti was July 2015, which was my first trip as a team leader. Tim demonstrated so much love for the Haitian people and his ability to problem solve & do anything without asking was of much assistance to me and the rest of the team. He unfortunately passed away in the fall of 2015 prior to his plans to return to the September team. His legacy still lives on with a scholarship to assist with fees for volunteers and a pancake breakfast. His daughters and granddaughters sent us with homemade dolls to give to children we see at the clinic. Today we gave out several dolls. My translator reads the card to the child and her mother and their face lights up to know that someone made this doll just for them and have prayed for them.

-Jenna Ford, Team Leader