First Impressions

 Our team of 14 includes 4 new volunteers. The remaining 10 have varying number of trips with FOTCOH, ranging from 2 to 32 times, but I am sure we can all remember our first.

We landed in Haiti around 8am on Sunday and began our almost 3hr drive to clinic shortly after. One could make judgements about Haiti the first few minutes of the drive using the words congested, dirty, trash, dusty, graffiti, poverty… If one chooses to have those thoughts form their only impressions they will likely have a miserable time.

Luckily we will have the chance to later experience and appreciate many beautiful things that can alter our impressions of Haiti like the mountains beyond mountains, rolling hills and valleys, vibrant colors, rich history, smiling children, sandy beaches, crystal blue water, communal connections, upbeat music, generous hospitality, marvelous artwork, among many, many others.

Jenna Ford