Boys and Their Toys

Less than a month ago I was celebrating Christmas with my family.  I spent time and energy choosing an appropriate gift for the grandkids.  One grandson was happy to receive a Lego set that let him build all sorts of contraptions while another was excited to play with his remote control truck.

Tuesday at the clinic I saw a seven or eight year old boy playing with the truck that he had built.  The chassis of the car was made of an empty plastic bottle similar to what 10W40 oil comes in.  A long string was attached through the bottle cap and some mismatched wheels were attached with an axle of thin wire (maybe a coat hanger?).  The top part of the container was cut away and he was hauling rocks in his truck.  He let me add some rocks to the truck and then he raced over the rugged road and some of the rocks flew out.
The smile on his face was even bigger than the smiles I saw on my grandsons’ faces.   It took so little to make him happy.  His creativity and resourcefulness will be beneficial as he faces the challenges of life in Haiti.  


Jane Frieden