Beautiful family

Today we saw a 47 year old women from here in Jacmel who we have been treating for hypertension and anemia for over a year. A review of her past dossiers notes having the patient tested for tuberculosis and HIV in Jacmel due to her anemia, fatigue, weight loss, fever, and poor appetite. Both tests were negative on two different occasions this past year. (Great news for her!!). While FOTCOH can not provide testing and treatment for these conditions; we are able to refer patients to the appropriate clinics in Haiti so that they can get the additional care that they may not know is available.

Today her blood pressure was excellent and she is well controlled on only one medication. Her hemoglobin level (iron containing red blood cells that carry oxygen in the blood) in September of this year was only 4.6 (normal levels are 10-12). We have provided her with a multi-vitamin and an iron supplement to help her anemia at each clinic appointment. At this visit we did not recheck her hemoglobin level, but refilled her medications for her vitamins and blood pressure medication. She states that her activity level has improved and she is less fatigued than before. She has also gained 5 pounds since May!! We discussed foods that are rich in iron and to eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day. To my translator she mentioned that her appetite has improved, but she does not have enough money to purchase food. While she was waiting in line to get her medications from the pharmacy I went upstairs to get some cash and granola bars from my stash to give her to have for her travels home. In Creole she said “mèsi anpril” meaning thank you very much!