A Bond That I Will Never Forget

What an amazing experience this trip has been. I am so proud to be a part of FOTCOH and on this team. It blows my mind how many people that the volunteers help each day. I have taken so many things for granted before this trip. It is truly eye opening.

Sunday night many volunteers went outside and saw that several patients were waiting together to save their spot for Monday morning. It breaks my heart to think that these people wait for hours not knowing if they will even be able to come into the clinic.

Peter, the orthodontist on our team, had a great idea of going to visit the Haitians waiting just to say hi knowing that we don’t start clinic the next day until 7am. Jeff, a  physician on our team, brought his guitar out and we all stood around the patients and played songs, clapped, and sang. This was
such a special moment. Jenna picked up a sleeping baby girl and danced
with her. I saw one cute elderly man clapping his hands and I took his hands and danced with him. All the volunteers felt so good that we were able to go out and interact with the patients who wait literally hours and hours to see us at the clinic.

I’ve learned so much on this trip. Prior to coming on this trip I was afraid to touch the patients not knowing what they could possibly have or what they could possibly show me but almost immediately I felt like they were part of my family.

Whether I touch someone’s hand or cuddle a baby , it forms a bond that I will never forget. I never knew that I would fall in love with this experience through FOTCOH like I have now. Thank you to Camilla who brought me on this trip. I am forever grateful for this first experience in Haiti and I hope it is not the last ?

Heidi Golden