Abandoned, But Not Alone

On Saturday, one of the patients we saw towards the end of the day was a little baby. He was dressed in a clean onesie and wrapped in a fluffy towel. Out in crowd the baby did not look as tiny as he did once assessed at triage and with a provider.

After the baby was undressed for the exam it was very apparent that this baby was severely malnourished and dehydrated. His skin was dry and rough. His lips were cracked. His mouth was dry. His ribs were exposed. His skin was loose.

He was brought to clinic by a young woman that has become the surrogate mother to this baby. The baby was found abandoned by an elderly lady who then gave this infant to the lady who brought him to clinic. The baby was found 15days ago and weighs only 3.03kg. For his small frame he had some spunk and had quite the cry. We gave the mother formula and instructions on how much and how often to feed.

The baby will return in September to be seen for another check up. This is why we do what we do. Just the small gesture of formula, vitamins, and soap can improve the health of this young infant!