The First Patients of the Week

The first two patients to arrive at the dental clinic in May were named Jean Louis and LaVamture. They were friends, and upon finding out about the Dental Clinic that was hosted by FOTCOH at the FOTCOH clinic in conjunction with a Peoria, Illinois based medical practice, the women walked from the mountains of Cap-Rouge to the clinic together, which took them nearly six hours.

Jean Louis and LaVamture arrived at the clinic on Monday afternoon knowing that it was likely that the clinic would be busy. They knew that if they go their very early it would increase their chances of getting into the clinic. Much to their own surprise, they not only were able to get in, but they were the very first patients seen by the dentist!

Both women explained that they had suffered from pain in their mouths over the last few months. After having her teeth extracted by the dentist, Jean Louise commented that they believed God sent the team to them to relieve their pain.  LaVamture, getting up from the dental chair, thanked the team for coming to Haiti and promised to pray for the team and other patients for the remainder of the clinic.

With their pain medicine and antibiotics in hand, they left the clinic to make their way back home in less pain.

FOTCOH is proud of each and every volunteer that comes to the clinic and without the support of many wonderful people, we could not continue to care for the people of Haiti.


How can I make a donation to support FOTCOH’s work in Haiti?

You can support FOTCOH’s work in a few different ways. Make a donation through our website, call our office at 815-310-5872 to make a donation, email us at, or send a check to our office at: FOTCOH, P.O. BOX 789, Peoria, Illinois 61652.