A Smile Can Bridge Two Worlds

 Since being in Haiti, I have learned the value of a short “bonjou” or a squeeze of the hand.  Yes, we (Americans and Haitians) may not speak the same language, but I have learned there are other ways to communicate and more importantly to show love. Expressions of love can come in the simplest of forms.

While the patients wait their turn with providers, we have found that bubbles are great entertainment.  Both Americans and Haitians giggle at the sight of the kids running after the bubbles and trying to catch them. We work together to encourage the kids, “soufle, soufle forte!” (Blow, blow hard!)   Through this small act, we break down the cultural barrier that before had seemed impenetrable. In God’s eyes, we are ALL His children. Yes, we are unique and our differences are what make our humanity so beautiful. Those smiles and giggles have created commonality, trust, and hope.

Being in Haiti has blessed me beyond compare. FOTCOH does amazing work serving the Haitian people and after being here those smiles and hand squeezes have opened my eyes to the beauty of Haiti and the beauty of the human spirit.
-Taylor Hoerr