Room for One More

Desi, a young Haitian girl, arrived at the FOTCOH clinic along with a friend really in the morning during a FOTCOH hosted Dental Clinic. She came by tap-tap from 30 minutes away, her and her friend having just enough money for the round trip ticket and nothing more. Desi and her friend waited patiently in line to be seen by a dentist. Desi’s friend was finally chosen to come inside, and Desi waited, hoping her turn was at any second.

The day came to an end, and Desi had not been brought inside, meaning she would have to wait a whole day to be seen. The Haitian staff told her she could sleep overnight by herself or go home and not see a doctor at all, having no way to return in the morning. Desi started to cry, and the Haitian staff went to find the dentist, Steve, to ask him if he had time for one more patient. Upon hearing her story, Steve said he did have room for one more, and that Desi would be his last patient for the day, and that after she was seen, she and her friend could both go home together as planned, having been seen by the dentist.


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