Haiti Becomes Part of Your Soul

As I sit on the plane to Haiti this morning with our team of 17 volunteers for our July medical clinic, I can’t help to think about a question I often get asked. Would it not make more sense to just send the money instead of you paying to go? To some, yes…but these short-term trips to Haiti are life and outlook changing for the people who go on them. It radically alters how you view mission work and life forever! So yes, in a way it does make more sense to just make a donation to the organization. However, on the other hand, going to Haiti makes Haiti a part of you. Once you are there and see what goes on, it gets in your soul. Those who go and are transformed tend to talk about it and the need to go again and again, far better than a one time donation…as hopefully you spark a vision for others. Reading about Haiti is one thing, but being in the country to see the culture and touch the people leaves a lasting impact that never leaves you. That is how a vision is spread and God creates a movement to focus on the least of these! ????Keep our team in your thoughts and prayers as we provide much needed medical care to around 2000 Haitian patients these next two weeks! Pray for safety for our travels through the mountains to Jacmel, pray for guidance as we make medical decisions, pray for our health so that we can wake up each day to provide care with a servant heart, and pray for our friends & family back home that will miss us when we are gone! ❤️

July Team co-leader, Jenna Ford