An Answer To My Prayers

Hi my name is Anna, I am one the newbies  on the March 2016 team. I would love to share with you the experiences I have personally encountered on this mission trip. For years I have felt called to mission work. This team has been an answer to my prayers.

As a non-medical volunteer (and an aspiring nurse), I play a very interesting and versatile role on this team. Being mostly stationed in the pharmacy department, I am also running around partaking in the many other stations.

Today I was allowed the opportunity to help clean and bandage the ankle of a Haitian man, who without the help and medical support of FOTCOH, would have most likely left the injury untreated, leaving a welcoming path to infection. The other team members took the time to explain the procedure to me while at the same time consoling the patient as we gently washed and dressed the wound. The relief that flickered across the man’s face was something I have never seen before. Truly, an amazing act that was incredible to be a part of

.March 2016 team ankle 2March 2016 team ankle

Another phenomenal aspect of this trip is the children. Part of my daily routine is playing with the kids who are in line waiting to be seen by the providers. They are ecstatic when we play, dance, and sing with them while awaiting their care. I have never seen anything so breathtaking or awe inspiring as the overwhelming joy that emanates from the children’s faces as we interact with themThis is a life-saving team and a once in a life time experience.

March 2016 team bubbles 3

Love begins with a smile ~Mother Teresa~