The FOTCOH WASH Program provides the Haitian community with the knowledge and skills they need to nurture good hygiene practices, including handwashing with soap and teaching the proper treatment, safe handling, and storage of water. The FOTCOH WASH Program teaches safe sanitation practices and provides water filters to individuals, families and communities thanks to our partnerships with Hands Helping Haiti and Wine to Water.

Our WASH Program also tests household water quality, constructs latrines, distributes hygiene kits, distributes menstrual kits, and distributes cloth diapers. Our program also purchases biosand filters from Helping Hands Haiti in Jacmel, Haiti for distribution in local communities.

Community WASH Promotion and Training
Sawyer Water Filter Distribution
Latrine Construction
Biosand Filters
Days for Girls Menstrual Kits
Diaper Distribution
Hygiene Kit Distribution
Breastfeeding Education


Education Clinics

Volunteers who participate in the FOTCOH Education Clinics will learn WASH techniques and practices through training conducted by our Community WASH Promoter in Haiti. The volunteers will then take the knowledge they have learned and instruct local Haitian children and adults on how to properly wash their hands, clean their hands after using the bathroom, safely prepare food, and how to brush their teeth through activities. The FOTCOH WASH Program will also teach Haitian families water treatment, safe water storage, and handling.

The volunteer program will also include cultural activities so the volunteers get a better understanding of Cyvadier, including tours of the city, visits to the beach, and site visits local homes, churches, and restaurants.

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