They Wait Hours, Sometimes Days

Our lives are a journey…we are all given different paths to choose. I am grateful that I said yes to coming to Haiti with FOTCOH. The people have truly been an inspiration. The patience I have witnessed by the people waiting hours, sometimes days with little food or water…the elderly with their walking sticks struggling to […]

It’s Why I Knew I Had to Come Back

A little girl around 2 years old was waiting for another volunteer to return with her dossiers. Using the little French I could remember from high school, I called her “une belle enfant” – “a beautiful child“. Her mother (or other relative) who was holding her smiled. Then the elderly woman behind her said “Et […]

2004 February Mission Team

(Front, from left) Jeremy Ufert,MD, Garron Lucas,MD, James Bender,EMT-P. Second row (l-r): Gina Mooney,RN, Jane Gray, Larry Shank, Dick Hammond, Renee Perin,RN, Ed Monroe,RPH, Donna Monroe. Third row(l-r): Eric Behrens, Carol Steiner, Kay Shank,RN, Sue Behrens,RN, Sharon Lukas,RN, Leigh Behrens, Lori Fulk,DMD, Barbara Sumner, Melinda Frank,EMT-P Not present: Mary Hedges, Bob Hoy,Pharm-D.