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But I Made A Difference For That One

The trip was exhausting! An early flight and long van ride over 300 hair pin turns from Port Au Prince to Jacmel were just the beginning. Just after dinner, on the eve of our clinic opening, the whole team was sitting in the dining area. Dr. Trainor, our team leader and a pediatrician who frequently […]


A Simple Act of Kindness

Gratitude, a simple act of kindness which changes the lives of so many.  This is what I have experienced everyday while volunteering in Haiti. No matter how insignificant we may think our actions may be, the insurmountable impact is not only on them, but also on all of the FOTCOH volunteers.  They are appreciative for any […]


Victories and Struggles

“Pa du quoi” (pa dekwa) – you’re welcome. Elizabeth asked me, “So are you learning more than you ever thought?” The answer will be yes every time. However, today it’s more focused on public health operations, both the victories and the struggles. A huge victory is how organized things are. So far, clinic has run smoothly. Our […]


FOTCOH And Bubbles Bring Joy

This is the sixth time I’ve been blessed to be part of a FOTCOH team. To see such happiness for such a small thing as a pair of used sandals or a hair tie is a reminder of what we have. Medical care given to those who would otherwise have none. A picture says a 1000 words! Bubbles are a universal language […]


Day 1: Haiti Is A Dichotomy

We landed at the airport early in the morning, around 0800 and it was already full of life. A local band was playing, families were rushing around. So far, Haiti is a dichotomy. Beautiful, yet rough. Traveling through Port Au Prince was definitely dirty and there were animals wandering everywhere, folks dodging traffic, busy claustrophobic outside markets, […]


FOTCOH Continues To Impact Young Lives

Prince Jamesly is a 7month old male that we first met at our May clinic when he was 5 months old and only 3.58kg. At that visit he was very weak with fever and cough and had poor motor tone. Mom was unable to breastfeed. The provider gave him formula to allow for weight gain […]


Mamma With High Blood Pressure

Marie is a 34 year old woman pregnant with her second child. She has a 3 year old child at home. She first came to FOTCOH in May for her pregnancy and is now 7months pregnant. When she came back for her visit at this July clinic on Wednesday her blood pressure was 260/185. We gave […]


Beautiful Creations Straight From The Angel’s Arms

Working the FOTCOH clinic (and it is truly work) is a little like going back to working an emergency center. You never know just what is going to come in next. Our first day was a bit traumatic for not only our group but for some of the patients being seen. So much was going […]


Meet My Translator Peterson

Allow me to introduce you to Peterson. Well, not really. I don’t have a picture of him or anything because I haven’t asked for one yet, and he’d probably razz me about it if I did. That’s just the kind of relationship we have. Peterson is my translator and I’d be lost here without him. […]

march clinic

Today Was Life Changing

Have you ever had a life changing moment? I cannot say that this was my first life altering moment but certainly without a doubt today was life changing. After a long day of travel over the mountains, medical guideline review, and a tour of the FOTCOH facility, I was a bit nervous for today. The […]

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