They Are Relentless in Their Bravery

We are in the home stretch and on the second day of the second week, sitting at breakfast waiting for clinic to begin, I am excited to go downstairs to visit with all of the people that will come to receive our help today.  They are remarkable people:  those we are treating, and those translators and […]


Continuing to Make a Difference . . . One by One

This is Jean Benson Lope. He is 11 years old and has been seen at our clinic for several years. Today I took extra time to talk to him and his mom. He was having low back pain and leg pain and was very likely having a sickle crisis. We provided ORS for hydration and then […]


She Waited for Two Days . . .

Camelite was first seen at FOTCOH in May and had a blood pressure of 182/98 and started on medications for her hypertension. She was feeling ill for weeks before coming to FOTCOH. She was seen today and her blood pressure was down to 150/86 and she was feeling much better. She heard about FOTCOH from […]


Abandoned, But Not Alone

On Saturday, one of the patients we saw towards the end of the day was a little baby. He was dressed in a clean onesie and wrapped in a fluffy towel. Out in crowd the baby did not look as tiny as he did once assessed at triage and with a provider. After the baby […]


Another Baby Thrives With Medika Mamba

We first saw these twins in May and the male twin was malnourished and in need of starting on our Medika Mamba program. At their initial visit at FOTCOH we did education on how many packets of the plumpy nut peanut butter supplement was needed each day along with clean water. The baby was seen […]


Vitamins and Praise Go a Long Way with Haitian Mom

Twins!! I first met these twins (Grivensley and Grivenslene) working triage on my second trip to FOTCOH in May 2014 when they were only 15 days old and tiny…now they are 14 months old and doing great!! They both are happy and healthy and babbling. Mom is still breastfeeding both babies and we provide her […]


Quick Update from First-Time Team Leader

Made it to clinic in good time for the drive from Port-Au-Prince. All bags and supplies made it to Haiti. Pharmacy is all stocked. Medical staff orientation complete. Our team has 4 veteran volunteers and 10 first time volunteers. It is exciting to experience Haiti through the eyes of so many new people and makes […]


No Longer Described as Malnourished, Thanks to FOTCOH

May 2015                                           July 2015 FOTCOH first met little baby Makenlove on Friday, May 15th when he was seen during the first week of the May 2015 clinic. He was 14 months old and weighed only 8 pounds and 11 ounces . . . smaller than some newborns. He had no cry and was a skeleton. He was starving. He could […]

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