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Cholera killed Adeline Sanon's mother, and now she and her father, Gilbert, are counting on FOTCOH's care, via our Medika Mamba program.

This year we've provided vital medical services, clean water and economic opportunity to tens of thousands in the country that's now officially the most impoverished on earth.

And that declaration by the World Bank came before Hurricanes Sandy and Isaac inflicted even more death, destruction, flooding, homelessness and hunger on a place still reeling from 2010's devastating earthquake.

The unprecedented and worsening humanitarian crisis in Haiti -- including a new food shortage and escalating cholera epidemic -- is threatening to overwhelm our resources.

And without the care our all-volunteer teams provide, our patients, among the most vulnerable families on the planet, will go without. Many will not survive.

We've already proven we can make a dramatic difference. And the Haitian people continue to show remarkable resilience and tenacity. Let's show them we mean our promise of delivering health and hope.

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Friends of the Children of Haiti
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